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401 Nyjer Seed

Nigerian Thistle Seed

This seed is considered the premier seed for attracting the most varieties of finches and small songbirds including: House Finches, Purple Finches, American Goldfinches, Dark-eyed Juncos, Song Sparrows, Pine Siskins, Mourning Doves, Redpolls and Quail.

The high oil content and high protein value makes Nigerian Thistle a highly nutritious and valuable food source. Nigerian Thistle seed (also called Niger Seed or Thistle Seed) is not to be confused with the weed “thistle” seed. Nigerian Thistle is the seed of the African yellow daisy, originating in Nigeria and is grown in Nigeria, Southeast Asia and India and imported into the USA.

Nigerian Thistle will attract the many wild finches, especially Goldfinches, and may have been called “Thistle seed” because these birds also eat wild thistle seed and use the thistle down to line their nests.

The high-fat (high oil) content of this seed will provide a great energy source to the active little finch birds and will help them to store enough energy to survive cold winters. Nigerian Thistle seed is a great winter bird seed for your feeder if you want to attract this type of bird. In the early spring and again in the fall, these birds molt and the high protein content helps with feather regeneration.

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